Selfie of Kaung

Yello! My name is Kaung,
pronounced like King Kong.

Full-stack developer building software through the lens of science, data, and aesthetics. Driven by creating solutions for a dynamic balance of form and function. Constantly striving for a “no-effort” look with maximum effort.
I am a full-stack developer with a passion for design. My background is in Biochemistry and Studio Art, the former I pursued as a pre-med student.

I love tech, gadgets, and a good bagel, egg, and cheese. I am obsessed with self-improvement, minimalist aesthetics, and mechanical keyboards -- all very costly things I can't afford. In my free time, you can find me putting games in my wishlist but not actually playing them. As I realize that this bio has gotten far too similar to a dating profile, here's an article I wrote that'll tell you more about myself better than I can.

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